This website is being maintained for the benefit of readers of the Second Edition of Practical Gamma-Ray Spectrometry, and indeed anyone else with an interest in gamma-ray spectrometry.

It will carry links to most of the websites referred to in the book (in particular to nuclear data), test spectra (or links to them), and some of the spreadsheets used to create the diagrams and data in the book.

There were many typographical errors in the text of Practical Gamma-Ray Spectrometry. These were collected via an online submission form. The website has now been moved to another server, for logistic reasons, and that page form has been withdrawn. The list of all corrections found are on the Corrections page. If you have found an error not in that list, please report it by email via the Feedback Form.

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In the beginning was Edition 1, by Gilmore and Hemingway...

..then there was the Japanese translation.

This website relates to the Second Edition.
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Nuclear Training Services Ltd no longer exists. Gordon Gilmore will still be available for consultation and running courses where there is an assured number of participants.

SpecMaker is no longer available on the website. If anyone has a particular need for this program they should contact Dr Gilmore directly.

The lastest news (31st December 2014) is that 'The Book' is to be translated into Chinese!

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