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Let’s say you’ve been integrating grief rituals into your daily routine for a while. Maybe you’ve also planned or attended a group grief ritual or two as well. How do you tell if they’re helping?It’s a fair question. After all, I’ve made the bold claim that ritual will supercharge your healing. Studies have shown that storytelling in business really works.

I’ve even called it a secret expressway. But I’ve also said that grief doesn’t really end. You’re not going to wake up one day and be “cured” or “fixed.” So what’s the yardstick for healing in grief? I call it reconciliation, and ritual will help you start feeling its hopeful tugs and twinges more quickly. With reconciliation comes a renewed sense of energy and confidence, an ability to fully acknowledge the reality of the death, and a capacity to become re-involved in the activities of living. There is also an acknowledgment that pain and grief are difficult, yet necessary, parts of life. Would powerpoint course help your organisation?

As the experience of reconciliation unfolds, you will recognize that life is and will continue to be different without the presence of the person who died. Death becomes a part of you. Beyond an intellectual working through death, there is also an emotional and spiritual working through. What had been understood at the “head” level is now understood at the “heart” level. Could storytelling for business be of real value to your business?

You will find that as you achieve reconciliation, the sharp, ever-present pain of grief will give rise to a renewed sense of meaning and purpose. Your feeling of loss will not disappear, yet they will soften, and the intense pangs of grief will become less frequent. Hope for a continued life will emerge as you are able to make commitments to the future, realizing that the person you have given love to and received love from will never be forgotten. The unfolding of this journey is not intended to create a return to an “old normal” but the discovery of a “new normal.” Have you tried powerpoint training to boost customer engagement?

To help explore where you are in your movement toward reconciliation, look for the following signs. And remember that reconciliation is an ongoing process. If you are early in the work of mourning, you may not be experiencing any of these signs yet, and that’s OK. But this list will give you a way to monitor your movement toward healing and the effectiveness of your daily grief ritual practice.