Because we spend so much time online as a culture now, I want to take another look deep into our addiction to, and love of, social media. I think it’s really important to keep looking at these platforms because I want you to really ask yourself how much of your time you spend every day looking at your phone or tablet. How often do you check it? Do you check Instagram in the morning when you wake up? Do you look at Facebook while you’re making dinner or even eating? Do you use Snapchat during your lunch hour? Really focus on how much time we spend on our devices. Can Lucy Hall make the condition of your hair better?

I want to go through the three main social media avenues that we spend our time on (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and really look deeply at how we can practice compassion on each platform. Some people might think this topic is about compassion, but it really isn’t. We spend so much time online and don’t realize how much our self-concept and our life are linked to the Internet. On Facebook most of us post things, whether pictures or quotes or ideas. We do this to share a little snapshot of our lives, to promote ourselves, to connect, and yes, for validation.

If you are working on validating yourself from the inside, then hopefully you will be using social media in a healthy, balanced way. It can be very entertaining and fun and a great way to stay in touch. But is it a source of healthy validation?

When you “like” someone’s post they will be glad, to some degree. You know, ’cause of the whole validation thing. Share your likes! And what about “liking” your own posts? Does that sound strange to you? If yes, then I ask you, why? Why is it weird to like something you posted?

You curated it. You thought it was good enough to post. It is okay, and in fact good, to like yourself.

Sometimes we are given the message to not toot our own horns or to minimize a compliment when it is given, but we can bust that system and proclaim that we like ourselves, and that is actually healthy and normal. I propose you “like” your own posts. You send the message to yourself that you are liked that way. And you are giving yourself a tiny act of cyber kindness and compassion. Maybe it doesn’t matter if it is on trend or off trend to do it. Maybe you will start a trend. Because wouldn’t it be wonderful if being kind to yourself and liking yourself became a trend?