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In this Appendix, I list sources of information of value to gamma spectrometrists. While it is very convenient to have nuclear data available in book form on one’s desk, it has to be admitted that the high cost of printed material increases the attraction of free information via the internet.

In this section, I quote many internet sources of information. I believe these to be of good quality at this time, but it is up to the user to make sure that the information has not fallen out-of-date. The nuclear data sources I have selected should remain updated but I am in no position to guarantee that, or to comment on the frequency of updates.

I also draw attention to the caveat given at the beginning of the book, that as well as holding the up-to-date information, the internet is also a vast repository of ancient, irrelevant, inaccurate and out-of date information. It is up to the user to check the pedigree of all downloaded material.

  1. Online internet sources of gamma-ray emission data
  2. Other Sources of Gamma-ray Emission Data
  3. Internet Sources of Other Nuclear Data
  4. Nuclear Data in print
  5. Physics Information
  6. Chemical Information
  7. Miscellaneous Information
  8. Other publications in print

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