200,000 second background - 700 to 1200 keV

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This spectrum was measured using a 45% n-type detector, mounted in a standard 10cm thick cylindrical graded shield, in a routine laboratory at typical altitude with no special background suppression facilities. The spectrum was analyzed by GammaVision. This particular analaysis demonstrates the ability of GammaVision, under the same analytical parameters, to find peaks invisible to the naked eye and to ignore perfectly obvious peaks.

Source of radiation
1726.8726.860228Ac0.62232Th series
2727.52727.33647212Bi6.74232Th series
3755.57755.31170228Ac1232Th series
4766.36765.96154214Pb0.053238U series (226Ra)
766.37234mPa0.316238U series
5768.35768.36573214Bi4.891238U series (226Ra)
6785.92785.37212Bi1.11232Th series
785.96214Pb1.064238U series (226Ra)
786.1214Bi0.314238U series (226Ra)
786.27234mPa0.055238U series
7795.4794.95476228Ac4.25232Th series
8803.4803.06b+/b-Ann.1206Pb(n,ní) prompt g
9806.51806.17144214Bi1.262238U series (226Ra)
10832.6832.39135214Bi0.0346238U series (226Ra)
11835.7835.71236228Ac1.61232Th series
835.9208Tl0.076232Th series
12839.27839.04160214Pb0.587238U series (226Ra)
13860.94860.56356208Tl12.5232Th series
14911.54911.22323228Ac25.8232Th series
15934.42934.06274214Bi3.096238U series (226Ra)
16964.84964.08521214Bi0.363238U series (226Ra)
964.77228Ac4.99232Th series
17969.16968.971392228Ac15.8232Th series
181001.681001.03414234mPa0.839238U series
191120.751120.291525214Bi14.907238U series (226Ra)

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