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This spectrum was sent to me by Peter Bossew of the University of Salzburg. It is a collation of a large number of spectra measured over a number of years. This particular spectrum represents a count period of 15,240,200 seconds live time (176 days). Peter has also reported the analysis of a collated spectrum representing 3.3 years-worth of counting over 16 years of operation. (Applied Radiation and Isotopes 62 (2005) 635644)
The analyses presented illustrate some of the more esoteric effects explained in Chapter 13, where detector background is discussed. The decay schemes of 214Bi and 228Ac, in particular are very complex and there is always potential for coincidence summing. Some minor peaks for which identification is, at best, tentative could be sum peaks.

Source of radiation
1726.63726.861538228Ac0.62232Th series
727.33212Bi6.74232Th series
2766.37765.962637214Pb0.053238U series (226Ra)
766.37234mPa0.316238U series
3768.35768.365155214Bi4.891238U series (226Ra)
4785.78785.373020212Bi1.11232Th series
785.96214Pb1.064238U series (226Ra)
786.1214Bi0.314238U series (226Ra)
786.27234mPa0.055238U series
5794.54794.95228Ac4.25232Th series
6803.51803.064174206*Pb1206Pb(n,n) prompt g
7859.9860.562878208Tl12.5232Th series
8910.81911.28026228Ac25.8232Th series
9964.77964.081828214Bi0.363238U series (226Ra)
964.77228Ac4.99232Th series
10968.97968.975027228Ac15.8232Th series
111000.551001.034316234mPa0.839238U series
1065.18228Ac0.132232Th series
131120.131118.911747214Bi0.01238U series (226Ra)
1120.29214Bi14.907238U series (226Ra)
141172.511172.98953214Bi0.055238U series (226Ra)

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