IAEA RGTh-1 Reference Material - 0 - 200 keV

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This spectrum was measured using a 45% n-type detector, mounted in a standard 10cm thick cylindrical graded shield, in a routine laboratory at typical altitude with no special background suppression facilities. The material is IAEA RGTh-1 reference material. The spectrum represents 120 ml of that, measured in a cylindrical container stood on the detector face. Sample height was 41 mm. There is a small amount of uranium in this material and the spectrum contains peaks from the 235,238U decay series from that and the natural background. The are a number of inidentified peaks in the spectrum that could well be coincidence sum peaks.

Source of radiation
112.9311.854597212Bi6.73232Th series
12.2208Tl2.89232Th series
12.56212Pb14.5232Th series
12.75228Ra0.3232Th series
12.89214Pb12.42238U series (226Ra)
12.9210Pb23.2238U series (226Ra)
12.94214Bi0.627238U series (226Ra)
12.94212Bi0.0581232Th series
13.52228Ra1.6232Th series
13.7226Ra0.807238U series (226Ra)
13.71224Ra0.387232Th series
215.4914.52228Th8.8232Th series
14.92230Th8.5238U series
14.93228Ra1.13232Th series
15.5228Ra0.16232Th series
15.75228Ac32.9232Th series
16.2228Ra0.7232Th series
16.48234Th9.6238U series
16.6234mPa0.68238U series
318.9818.427656228Ac0.014232Th series
439.8239.8649310212Bi1.01232Th series
542.5342.467722228Ac0.009232Th series
646.4846.546677210Pb4.25238U series (226Ra)
757.8456.9623170228Ac0.019232Th series
57.76228Ac0.47232Th series
863.2863.2820465234Th4.8238U series
972.8672.853956208Tl2.15232Th series
72.87212Bi0.095232Th series
1074.8674.82630005214Pb6.26238U series (226Ra)
74.82212Pb10.7232Th series
74.97208Tl3.61232Th series
1177.1476.86953877212Bi0.0404232Th series
77.11214Pb10.47238U series (226Ra)
77.11212Pb17.9232Th series
77.34228Ac0.026232Th series
1281.1481.075386224Ra0.13232Th series
81.07228Ra1.76232Th series
1384.3983.78103039224Ra0.215232Th series
83.78228Ra2.9232Th series
84.37228Th1.17232Th series
84.95208Tl1.23232Th series
85.14212Bi0.0096232Th series
85.43228Th0.0172232Th series
1487.2287.35315302214Pb3.59238U series (226Ra)
87.35212Pb6.12232Th series
87.58208Tl0.373232Th series
88.47228Th0.0281232Th series
1589.9889.75237405212Bi0.0231232Th series
89.95228Ac0.931232Th series
90.08214Pb1.1238U series (226Ra)
90.14212Pb1.87232Th series
1693.3692.37225767234Th2.81238U series
92.68212Bi0.0072232Th series
92.79234Th2.77238U series
93.35228Ac1.507232Th series
1799.5699.5159867228Ac1.26232Th series
100.1228Th0.0098232Th series
100.41228Ac0.093232Th series
18105.36105.5583179228Ac0.536232Th series
19108.85108.9728056228Ac0.181232Th series
20115.23114.5632733228Ac0.0098232Th series
115.18212Pb0.623232Th series
21129.06129.06121204228Ac2.42232Th series
22131.64131.617938228Th0.124232Th series
141.01228Ac0.05232Th series
24145.93145.857593228Ac0.158232Th series
25153.99153.9836573228Ac0.722232Th series
26166.35166.415531228Th0.094232Th series
27173.93173.961207228Ac0.035232Th series
28176.62176.642669212Pb0.052232Th series
29184.38184.543078228Ac0.07232Th series
30186.21186.2110430226Ra3.555238U series (226Ra)
31191.48191.363975228Ac0.123232Th series
32199.35199.4112443228Ac0.315232Th series

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