IAEA RGTh-1 Reference Material - 700 - 1200 keV

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This spectrum was measured using a 45% n-type detector, mounted in a standard 10cm thick cylindrical graded shield, in a routine laboratory at typical altitude with no special background suppression facilities. The material is IAEA RGTh-1 reference material. The spectrum represents 120 ml of that, measured in a cylindrical container stood on the detector face. Sample height was 41 mm. There is a small amount of uranium in this material and the spectrum contains peaks from the 235,238U decay series from that and the natural background. The are a number of inidentified peaks in the spectrum that could well be coincidence sum peaks.

Source of radiation
1701.64701.762809228Ac0.173232Th series
2707.58707.412267228Ac0.155232Th series
3722.227221099208Tl0.24232Th series
4726.63726.8611996228Ac0.62232Th series
727.33212Bi6.74232Th series
5755.24755.3116403228Ac1232Th series
6763.34763.29375208Tl1.79232Th series
7768.35768.36927214Bi4.891238U series (226Ra)
8772.29772.2922738228Ac1.49232Th series
9782.07782.148042228Ac0.485232Th series
10785.44785.3716906212Bi1.11232Th series
785.96214Pb1.064238U series (226Ra)
11794.89794.9566094228Ac4.25232Th series
12816.74816.71921228Ac0.03232Th series
13830.34830.498460228Ac0.54232Th series
14835.66835.7125456228Ac1.61232Th series
835.9208Tl0.076232Th series
15840.33839.0414010214Pb0.587238U series (226Ra)
840.38228Ac0.91232Th series
16860.49860.5670207208Tl12.5232Th series
17870.06870.47890228Ac0.044232Th series
18873.89873.171086228Ac0.031232Th series
874.44228Ac0.047232Th series
19893.35893.415352212Bi0.38232Th series
20904.08904.29136228Ac0.77232Th series
21911.12911.2399855228Ac25.8232Th series
22927.88927.6615208Tl0.125232Th series
23944.23944.21460228Ac0.095232Th series
24947.99947.981367228Ac0.106232Th series
25952.05952.122524212Bi0.14232Th series
26958.58958.614006228Ac0.28232Th series
27964.77964.7771447228Ac4.99232Th series
28968.97968.97235648228Ac15.8232Th series
29975.92975.931350228Ac0.05232Th series
30988.09987.712420228Ac0.077232Th series
988.63228Ac0.077232Th series
311001.031001.032044234mPa0.839238U series
321033.181033.252972228Ac0.201232Th series
331040.31039.651605228Ac0.044232Th series
1041.14228Ac0.044232Th series
341062.151062.681048228Ac0.01232Th series
351065.391065.184585228Ac0.132232Th series
361078.771078.637300212Bi0.55232Th series
371094.211093.98847208Tl0.43232Th series
381095.461095.68228Ac0.129232Th series
391110.411110.65863228Ac0.019232Th series
1110.61228Ac0.285232Th series
401120.21120.294624214Bi14.907238U series (226Ra)
411153.831153.522089228Ac0.139232Th series
421157.241157.14365228Ac0.007232Th series
431164.81164.62888228Ac0.065232Th series

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