IAEA RGU-1 Reference Material - 200 - 700 keV

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This spectrum was measured using a 45% n-type detector, mounted in a standard 10cm thick cylindrical graded shield, in a routine laboratory at typical altitude with no special background suppression facilities. The material is IAEA RGU-1 reference material. The spectrum represents 120 ml of that, measured in a cylindrical container stood on the detector face. Sample height was 41 mm. There is negligible thorium in this material, but the spectrum is likely to contain peaks from the 232Th decay series from the natural background. The are a number of inidentified peaks in the spectrum that could well be coincidence sum peaks.

Source of radiation
205.68214Pb0.0114238U series (226Ra)
3210.95210.622441227Th1.22235U series
4235.96235.9630511227Th12.6235U series
5238.63238.633208212Pb43.6232Th series
6242240.99396699220Ra4.12235U series
242214Pb7.268238U series (226Ra)
7256.23256.2315724227Th6.8235U series
8259.09258.1927709234mPa0.0754238U series
258.87214Pb0.5318238U series (226Ra)
9269.46268.830561214Bi0.0161238U series (226Ra)
269.46223Ra13.7235U series
10270.27271.23915219Ra10.8235U series
11274.98273.818624214Bi0.12238U series (226Ra)
274.8214Pb0.362238U series (226Ra)
12281.43280.952932214Bi0.062238U series (226Ra)
13286.34286.093217227Th1.7235U series
14295.22295.22879574214Pb18.5238U series (226Ra)
15300.09299.9811153227Th2.16235U series
16303304.25525214Bi0.0255238U series (226Ra)
17305.23304.52579227Th1.12235U series
305.26214Pb0.0315238U series (226Ra)
18314.52314.325355214Pb0.077238U series (226Ra)
19324.27323.839740214Pb0.0287238U series (226Ra)
323.87223Ra3.93235U series
20330.18329.858289227Th2.9235U series
21334.37333.314229214Bi0.0632238U series (226Ra)
334.37227Th1.11235U series
334.78214Bi0.0328238U series (226Ra)
22338.32338.284609223Ra2.79235U series
338.32228Ac11.27232Th series
23349.74348.92214Bi0.123238U series (226Ra)
24352.28351.931492289214Pb35.6238U series (226Ra)
25387.19386.7710357214Bi0.296238U series (226Ra)
26389.36388.8813916214Bi0.393238U series (226Ra)
27401.81401.8111721219Ra6.4235U series
28405.72405.749415214Bi0.171238U series (226Ra)
29445.55445.031920223Ra1.27235U series
30455.15454.778294214Bi0.2884238U series (226Ra)
31462.234617366214Bi0.058238U series (226Ra)
462214Pb0.213238U series (226Ra)
32470.3469.764007214Bi0.133238U series (226Ra)
33474.93474.412935214Bi0.092238U series (226Ra)
34480.88480.4311703214Pb0.3371238U series (226Ra)
35487.47487.0911968214Pb0.433238U series (226Ra)
487.95214Bi0.028238U series (226Ra)
36511.31510.718052208Tl22.6232Th series
511b+/b-Ann.1Annihilation (broad)
37534.09533.665797214Pb0.182238U series (226Ra)
38543.545434528214Bi0.088238U series (226Ra)
543.81214Pb0.05238U series (226Ra)
39572.79572.761279214Bi0.071238U series (226Ra)
40580.53580.139483214Pb0.369238U series (226Ra)
41583.19583.19594208Tl85232Th series
42609.68609.311118982214Bi45.49238U series (226Ra)
43616.61615.732062214Bi0.055238U series (226Ra)
617214Bi0.0268238U series (226Ra)
44633633.141198214Bi0.0546238U series (226Ra)
45639.59639.67214Bi0.0341238U series (226Ra)
46649.74649.18214Bi0.054238U series (226Ra)
47661.05661.11195214Bi0.0537238U series (226Ra)
48665.79665.4532204214Bi1.53238U series (226Ra)
49683.57683.221567214Bi0.084238U series (226Ra)

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