IAEA RGU-1 Reference Material - 1200 - 2300 keV

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This spectrum was measured using a 45% n-type detector, mounted in a standard 10cm thick cylindrical graded shield, in a routine laboratory at typical altitude with no special background suppression facilities. The material is IAEA RGU-1 reference material. The spectrum represents 120 ml of that, measured in a cylindrical container stood on the detector face. Sample height was 41 mm. There is negligible thorium in this material, but the spectrum is likely to contain peaks from the 232Th decay series from the natural background. The are a number of inidentified peaks in the spectrum that could well be coincidence sum peaks.

Source of radiation
11207.481207.686967214Bi0.454238U series (226Ra)
21237.871238.1189532214Bi5.827238U series (226Ra)
31280.751280.9621268214Bi1.435238U series (226Ra)
41303.961303.762138214Bi0.105238U series (226Ra)
51316.621316.96214Bi0.077238U series (226Ra)
61329.431330575214Bi0.012238U series (226Ra)
71377.341377.6764604214Bi3.967238U series (226Ra)
81385.021385.3111658214Bi0.795238U series (226Ra)
91401.121401.519259214Bi1.33238U series (226Ra)
101407.651407.9833283214Bi2.389238U series (226Ra)
121470.261470.9416214Bi0.0094238U series (226Ra)
131508.921509.2328510214Bi2.126238U series (226Ra)
141538.181538.55476214Bi0.401238U series (226Ra)
151542.931543.325995214Bi0.302238U series (226Ra)
161582.921583.229199214Bi0.707238U series (226Ra)
171594.281594.733629214Bi0.274238U series (226Ra)
181599.061599.313771214Bi0.322238U series (226Ra)
191656.781657214Bi0.047238U series (226Ra)
2016611661.2814509214Bi1.048238U series (226Ra)
211683.591683.993006214Bi0.2174238U series (226Ra)
221729.481729.643900214Bi2.843238U series (226Ra)
231764.431764.49201542214Bi15.28238U series (226Ra)
1765.4234mPa0.0087238U series
241838.451838.364043214Bi0.343238U series (226Ra)
251847.531847.4227906214Bi2.023238U series (226Ra)
261873.551873.162612214Bi0.212238U series (226Ra)
1874.85234mPa0.0078238U series
271890.091890.31749214Bi0.0778238U series (226Ra)
281896.921895.921930214Bi0.146238U series (226Ra)
292011.322010.78214Bi0.0434238U series (226Ra)
302111.082109.92930214Bi0.0842238U series (226Ra)
312119.652118.5513933214Bi1.158238U series (226Ra)
322148.842147.9472214Bi0.0134238U series (226Ra)

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