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This page is intended to carry links of relevance to gamma spectroscopist. I have no doubt forgotten many. The list below is inevitably Anglo-centric because it reflects my own experience. Relevant links to European, American, indeed worldwide sources would be welcome. If you have a link that you feel would be appropriate here, please use the feedback form to let the webmaster know. Please make any suggestions relevant to gamma spectrometry. More importantly, if you find any dead links let us know that too!

Note that all links to data sources, nuclear and chemical, are on the Data page. There are many links provided by manufacturers relating to the technology of detectors on the Book Links page.


HP Ge Detectors and Electronics

An Areva company with worldwide divisions. Nucleonic equipment and software.
is prominent in the design and manufacture of advanced high purity germanium and silicon (HPGe and Si) detectors for gamma rays. Also nucleonic instrumentation and sofware. Formerly part of EG&G.
Advanced Measurement Technology - UK distributors of ORTEC (and other) equipment.
PGT - Princeton Gamma-Tech
HPGe detectors and nucleonics. (A truly awful website - but the information is there.)
John Caunt
Specialist supplied of equipment
Specialist provider of X-ray and Gamma-ray nucleonics.
Bruker Baltic
This company based in Latvia is involved in developing and manufacturing spectrometric devices based on semiconductor HPGe, SiLi and CdZnTe detectors. Their systems are designed for gamma- and x-ray detection and analysis.

Scintillation and other detectors

Applied Scintillation Technologies
Details of many scintillators can be found on the Saint-Gobain web site, where there is a link to the 'BrilLanCe Products Whitepaper'
e2v scientific instruments
manufacturers of high specification Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) detectors for a wide range of x-ray spectroscopy applications
CdTe, CZT, CsI and Si detectors and arelevant electronics.
eV Products -CdZnTe detectors
eV PRODUCTS develops and manufactures solid-state room temperature X-ray Detectors and Gamma-ray Detectors. CZT etc. and electronics.
Helma Materials
Based in Germany Helma produce Scintillation Detectors from CeBr3, SrI2:Eu, CaF2:Eu and BaF2
XRF Corporation

Radionuclide Suppliers

Analytics (USA)
The sole focus at Eckert & Ziegler Analytics is the preparation of quality radioactive calibration standards and calibration-related products.
High Technology Sources Ltd (HTSL)
is the specialist distribution company set up by the highly experienced team from QSA Global, formerly AEA Technology, i
isotrakô is now part of the Eckert & Ziegler, as Nuclitec, and continues to serve you with high quality radioactive reference sources and reference solutions for the checking and calibration of radiation measurement instruments.
NPL (Natioanal Physical Laboratory
NPL, in the UK, supplies primary and secondary standards of a range of beta- or beta/gamma-emitting radionuclides, including standardised low-level radionuclide mixtures for periodic user proficiency tests.

NPL also supplies, radioactive gas standards, e.g. tritium and 85Kr, standards of 222Rn and the calibration of gas monitors


Jim Fitzgerald's spectrum analysis software. With Jim you deal with an individual - not with an impersonal, impervious multinational corporation. Refreshing! (and the softwares's good as well!)
GammaVision etc. ORTEC
Genii - Canberra
Information about the availability of GESPECOR can be found on the Internet at:
Hpermet-PC - Off-line spectrum analysis program. From 1 January, 2008, the licensing conditions of Hypermet-PC have been changed, so now it is available FREE OF CHARGE.
Visu Gamma - A French entry to the list of spctrum analysis programs: A&M's Logiciel d'acquisition et de visualisation de spectres Gamma

Miscellaneous Equipment

Chart of the Nuclides
A source for the Karlsruhe Chart of the Nuclides
Sample Changers - Gemini Technology Ltd
Precision engineers manufacturing, amongst other things, gamma spectrometry sample changers. Small, very approachable business.
Liquid Nitrogen Generator
Information on a liquid nitrogen generator from Rigaku/MSC
Radiochemistry Society - Vendor list
This is a useful general list. Many entries but not up-to-date, with some dead or now irrelevant links.

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