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Have you subscribed to the Radiochemical e-Mail List yet?

This is a free electronic communication facility designed to provide world-wide exchange of information about research in the radiochemistry, nuclear chemistry, nuclear analytical sciences and anything else of allied nature. At present there are over 300 persons on the list.

The list is administered by Gilles Montavon from the Laboratory SUBATECH in Nantes. His e-mail :

Laboratoire SUBATECH
Faculte des Sciences et Techniques
Departement de Physique
2, Rue de la Houssinière
BP 92208
Tel 33 (0)2 51 12 55 10
Fax 33 (0)2 51 85 84 79

The hope is that subscribers will use the bulletin board to do such things as:

  • ask questions
  • send out abstracts of papers accepted for publication
  • announce job openings and the reverse (people looking for jobs)
  • provide information about forthcoming meetings
  • keep the rest of us informed about changes of your e-mail and other addresses
  • let us know about all those hot new discoveries you are making
  • whatever else is on your radiochemical mind.

Why not give it a try. It's a very quick and direct way of getting advice and assistance from radiochemists all over the world.

o Emails sent to this list are automatically archived by the listserv system and are available via email (see below) or, more conveniently, via the Web-based Archive Access where the archive can be keyword searched for information in the body, header or sender's email address. Very useful!

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o To subscribe to the list: email the simple message:
SUB RADCH-L your-name
This can also be used to alter the name associated with the email address.

o To send a message to all subscribers, email it to
Your message will automatically be copied and sent out to each of the subscribers and a message sent back to you to confirm that the message has gone out.

o To remove yourself from the list: email the message:

o To get an up to date list of participants send the message:

o There is a complete archive available on the listserv system arranged as a set of monthly files named LOG9901 for the January '99 file, LOG9902 for February and so on...

A complete list of files can be sent to you by sending the message

You can recover these files by sending a message
(where xxxx is the year/month code) to

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