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These spectra were created at the Technical University of Delft by Menno Blaauw and used in the 1995 IAEA intercomparison of software for gamma-ray spectrum analysis. The references to this are below.

Brief details of the spectra are given on the TUD website. There is more detail in the downloadable files. Please note that these spectra, and the associate companion material, are made available to you on this site by permission of Menno Blaauw as a private person, not under the aegis of the IAEA.

The spectrum set is very comprehensive and this is no place to go into full details. Spectra were created in a variety of different spectrum formats (SPE, CHN and ASC), They were obtained by measuring sources in Marinelli and pillbox geometries. Calibration spectra in both geometries are provided with a number of point source spectra of individual nuclides intended to allow true coincidence summing corrections to be made (in fact, the only set of test spectra to do that). There is also a special calibration spectrum to allow GammaVision to perform those corrections using the algorithms developed by Menno Blaauw and colleagues.

The documentation is very full, with description of the source geometries and copies of the nuclide supplier's calibration certificates. An interesting aside.

The following files are available for download. With the exception of the textual ReadMe file, all are .ZIP files containing all the original files plus converted spectra in the specified format.


The 2002 IAEA test spectra for low-level g-ray spectrometry software Los Arcos, J.M., Menno Blaauw, M., Fazinic, S. and Kolotov, V.P., Nucl. Instr. Meth. A536 (2005)189-195

The 2002 IAEA intercomparison of software for low-level g-ray spectrometry Arnold, D., Menno Blaauw, M., Fazinic, S. and Kolotov, V.P., Nucl. Instr. Meth. A536 (2005)196-210

Specialized software utilities for gamma ray spectrometry, Final report of a co-ordinated research project
IAEA-TECDOC-1275, March 2002

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