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These spectra were created by Colin Sanderson, of the US Department of Energy, in 1990 as ASCII text files. These files and spectrum files created from then are available via the links on the right. To save the files directly, Right-Click the link and select 'Save Target As...'.
These test spectra, used for the re-evaluation a number of spectrum analysis programs examined some years before (See References below.) They were prepared using a spectrum of a mixed gamma-ray standard filter paper measured on a 1.96 keV resolution n-type HPGe detector of 15.5% relative efficiency. Peaks from this spectrum were added to a peak-free random background spectrum. This background was mathematically generated after assessing the actual background level in real spectra. Spectra were devised to test peak search, doublet resolution with equal and asymmetric peak ratios and an efficiency test. A spectrum of an environmental, post Chernobyl, air filter sample was included as a test of a 'real life' situation.
  • BKG.DAT is the background continuum
  • TEST01.DAT to TEST09.DAT test peak detection
  • TEST10.DAT to TEST19.DAT test equal intensity doublet resolution
  • TEST20.DAT to TEST32.DAT test unequal intensity doublet resolution
  • TEST33.DAT is described as an efficiency test at 100 keV (?)
  • TEST34.DAT is the Chernobyl fallout spectrum
  • CALIBR01.DAT is a mixed gamma-ray standard calibration spectrum
  • CALIBR01.DAT is a mixed gamma-ray standard calibration spectrum relevant to TEST34.DAT


An evaluation of commercial IBM PC software for the analysis of low level environmental gamma-ray spectra
Sanderson, C.G., (1988), Environment International, 14,379-384

A reevaluation of commercial IBM PC software for the analysis of low-level environmental gamma-ray spectra.
Decker, K.M., Sanderson, C.G., (1992), Int. J. Radiat. Appl. Instrum., 43, 232-337

(A spreadsheet program for the complete assessment of Sanderson test spectra is available at low cost from NTS Ltd. This also provides graphical display of the results.)

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